Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Tuesdays meeting was very informative for most people who attended. Everyone enjoyed listening to Dr. Patterson and we hope to get him back again to speak at Newry and Mourne. He explained that its important for the doctor to listen to the patient as doctors are still learning how best to treat Fibromyalgia too, and everyone needs an individual treatment plan. Dr. Patterson  stated the importance of using a number of things to treat fibromyalgia not just medicine, such as a nutritional diet topped up with supplements, and perhaps acupuncture,relaxation techniques,graded exercise. He also listed the main symptoms of fibromyalgia as being pain,fatigue and poor sleep and suggested if sleep was improved all other symptoms would lessen also.

Newry and mourne support group are having a charity fund raiser on Saturday 15th September. The parachute jump is to raise funds for M.E research and is the big event this year we would love as many members as possible to attend, so we can take photos to publicise our group and the work we do.

At the next meeting Tuesday 2nd October we will be having our annual general meeting.

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