Sunday, 12 August 2012

Yet another amazing way to gain donations for our cause

We build bridges that our strong and hope people cross to see what a worthy cause we are

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  1. This picture is of Craigmore Viaduct, a place of natural beauty in Newry and Mourne. The Viaduct has 18 arches and carries the Belfast to Dublin train line. It is said that one man died for every arch during it's construction between 1849-1852.
    This prominent feature holds a very special place in my heart and many happy memories of healthy days spent walking with my Father and Grandfather whose home was so close to the Viaduct in Craigmore.
    Since developing M.E I can no longer enjoy the pleasure of walking in the great outdoors but from the silence of my bedroom I can still hear the train as it travels across the viaduct and rekindles memories of a life I once had.
    I pledge to continue 'Building Bridges for a Better Future' for all ME/FMS/CFS patients in Northern Ireland.
    Founder of Newry & Mourne ME/FMS Support Group Joan McParland